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I’m really excited this morning. because we have a guest preacher here with us. Pastor Marlo Phillip and just to tell you a bit about him, he is the senior pastor of Welcome Home Church in India in New Delhi. He also runs as a principal of the Bethesda Bible College over there supporting 200 pastors. Plus they have Dejas Asia which is their kind of community arm where they’re doing a lot in the region and he’ll talk a bit more into that.

But not only that we would Jess and I this week when we discovered Marlow was coming to preach. We saw the name and we were immediately like wait we know that guy. I think we know that guy. And it turns out Jess and I did missions trip in India well over a decade ago before we got married. We actually connected with Marlow and his side of the family who are all going great guns in ministry. So when we saw his name we were very excited. We’re like, what are the odds? It’s a small world, right? So, he is going to come and minister and speak. So, let’s give a big welcome to Pastor Malu as he comes to share.

Thank you church. Thank you so much. You can be seated. How many of you happy to be in God’s house? Can I see your hand? Amen. I’m so glad to be here in this amazing family of God, King’s Church. What an amazing name you have. Sons and daughters of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, amen. My name is Marlo as pastor Sean introduced and what a small world, right? To have met Jess and Pastor Sean way way back in New Delhi and also I want to take this time to honour your pastors and your senior pastors Pastor Ben and Trish.

You know, we have a little bit of a story. I was in Sydney, Australia studying at the Bible College. Where Pastor Ben was my senior, one year senior to me and Trisha was in my class. Can you believe that? Amen. And now it’s been so many years later. I get a chance to come and see your church where they are senior pastoring and thanks to God for all the wonderful plans that God has for us. And many times we don’t plan our life and it’s a good thing to do that. But let God plan our life. Amen.

I believe no dreams are you know too big for God. Whatever we dream with God, it can happen in our life. I am a big believer of dreaming with God. Dreaming in faith and trusting God and believing that God can do great things. As we believe and dream together with him. Amen. And so I bring greetings from the nation of India, from New Delhi.

I always say this, greeting hot and spicy greetings to all of you. I don’t know whether how many of you love the and spicy food but I do. I do and if you need some hot and spicy, come to Delhi. I will feed you with buttered chicken. Amen. And we have a joke that when you go to heaven, they’ll be feeding you butter chicken and naan bread. Amen. Just kidding, don’t take it seriously, that one. I love the, you know, the steak as well. Because in India, you know, we don’t eat a lot of beef there. But I do have beef. I have no problem with that. But thank God, you know, we are a family of God, amen.

You know, I definitely look darker when it comes to a skin color. I speak with an accent. You know, I was telling in the previous service, my accent is all messed up. I lived in Sydney for about 7 years. You know, I went to New Delhi and I’m trying to learn Hindi there because the national language there, you know, mostly in the northern part of India is Hindi. And I’m originally from the South of India. Where you may have heard the name of the state called Kerala. Where a lot of pastors, and missionaries have gone out of that state.

A long, long time ago Saint Thomas came to our state and so there is a lot of missional activities and Christian you know ministries in the state of Kerala, in the south. But you know God had a plan for my life. And just like God has a plan for your life. God took me from Sydney, Australia all the way to New Delhi. And you know it’s a very crazy city and I don’t know maybe some of you been there.

And we have in our city we have about 23 million people. Amen. It’s a big city, lots of people, lots of people and I believe one of the biggest. It’s people everywhere. And in our nation we have 1.3 billion people. It is a crazy huge country. But I believe God loves India. I believe God loves Australia. I believe God loves the nations of the world. And we believe it’s a divine plan of God. The people that we are represented from different nations. Amen.

But one thing I want to remind us no matter how we look, no matter how we talk, no matter what we eat and no matter what we, how we dress we belong to the family of God. We belong to the family of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Amen. What a wonderful worship we today we had and as we sang the name of Jesus and I believe the name of Jesus is above all other names. In our life. Amen.

In the world. And, why do I say that? It’s so powerful for me as an Indian because in India, we worship you know, more than 33 million gods and deities. 33 million, you know, it’s like millions and millions of gods you worship the sun, you worship everything. Now, I am not dishonouring that. It is what they believe. But we believe God, you know, we believe that Jesus came into the world. Amen.

We believe that God our father send his only begotten son into this world. When we believe him, he can redeem us. Amen. We thank God for the salvation that we have received from God. Amen. And I believe we are all excited about what God has done. God is doing in our life. And I want to tell you the best is yet to come. That our God, that God is preparing you for greatness. God is preparing you for all the dreams that He is dreaming with you. Amen.

I know that God is doing great things in this house. Thanks to Pastor Ben and Pastor Trish. I also want to congratulate them. Recently, I heard there was there were elevated to be the state leaders. Wow, that’s a great task. God bless them. And God bless the church. As you stand together with all your pastors and I as a pastor, I tell you stand with your pastors, amen. Stand with the team. And you can see together that God is going to do great things in this church. Amen.

I see this beautiful auditorium. I believe when I come next time, this place is going to be filled up. Amen. God is going to bring more people, more families from the neighborhood, from this city. And they are going to worship the name of Jesus together. Amen. How many of you have the faith today? Amen, amen.

I also bring my greetings from our dear wife, Sheryl. Today, she’s preaching in our church in India name of a Church is called Welcome Home Church and you know, we actually wanted to call that a welcome home family because you know when you give your life to Jesus in a country like India with thirty-3 million Gods and deities and all crazy stuff that’s happening there.

You know you get ostracized and you get you in most cases you get kicked out of your home. Because the moment you say Jesus is my Lord. There is a problem in the family. There is a problem in the community and so the day you get water baptized. It’s a big decision for that person. Amen. But we thank God that God is giving us and courage into the heart because this is the truth. Jesus is the, you know, the truth and the way, the only way, right?

And so, so we believe, you know, we are a family and I believe King’s Church is a family of God. Amen. So, when they come to a church like ours, we embrace them. We embrace them with the love of God that is overflowing out of our hearts. Amen. And we thank God the love that we have is from God. The love is from God. God is the source. receive the love unconditional love in our life. Amen.

And because he loved us so much, we are here today. Because he forgives us from all the things that we have done, the things that we messed up. Thank God that God gave us a new start again. He is a faithful God. He will carry us through. He will take us forward in the time ahead. Don’t be stressed. Do not be anxious about tomorrow and to the later things that happens today. Trust God and he will lead you through. Amen.

I believe God has a great future for church. Amen. You excited about that? I believe God is going to you know put a dream in each one of you. Because every dream that God puts in your life matters to the big dream that God has for this church. So God wants you to be a dreamer. God wants you to receive that vision and purpose in a personal way as well. Amen.

And we come together. And we build the house of God together. And we all know that the world is desperate. You know we have so much of mess and darkness out there and today I like what sister Pastor Shirley said. You know what you should punch light in the darkness. I love that. Do you like that? So, we are called to be the light in this dark world. You come to India, I’ll show you more. I’ll take you to the to the streets of you know Delhi and other places. You see darkness, you can, you can feel the oppression at at places. But God has called us to be the light. Amen.

Something has to, you know, like stand out because you are a child of God. The old is gone and the new has come. You can not be like the old person anymore. God has transformed you and he’s transformed you inside out. And so what is inside of you will come out. And today as we were talking this before, if you are passionate about your faith, you will express that. You will release that and when you begin to overflow the love that God has given to your people around you be began to be blessed. And there is a saying, we are blessed to be a blessing. Amen.

How many of you want to be blessed? So that you can be a blessing. We all want to be a blessing to the people around us. So I believe the Lord is doing great things today and I believe there is a word for us this morning.

And I just want to ask you to pray for India. And I know you know I am not just here just to promote India. Though India has great needs. And as we pray for India, let’s pray for all the other nations who are present in this church. I believe in that. I believe God loves every nation. Amen. God so love the world it says. So pray for nations. Pray for people around us. Amen.

So that everyone can know Jesus. Everyone can say, confess with their mouth that Jesus is Lord. And the Bible says every knee shall bow at the name of Jesus. Amen. The day is coming. The day is going to be the prophecy is going to be fulfilled. In a short time. Do you believe that? It all depends on us. How we are going to take this in a commission seriously.

So, I believe the Lord is going to do that in the days to come. Today, the title of my message is love everyone everywhere all the time. Tell to the person next to you, love everyone everywhere all the time. Come on, I didn’t hear that. Can you say that aloud? Love everyone everywhere, all the time. Amen.

We cannot stop loving people. It is something that God wants us to keep loving till you finish our task in this world. We got to keep loving. And it says you know love everyone. You know how many of you have your favourite people? You know when it comes to your friends or how many of you have your favourite people in this church? When we all have our favourite people.

But the Bible says the word of God says we got to love everybody the same. And that’s exactly what Jesus when he was here on this earth, he loved every person. You know, he loved the poor, he loved the people from the middle class, he loved the people from the rich. He loved all sorts of people. And I believe today, God wants us to have that heart.  That we will look, start to look at people in a different way. Will begin to get a Godly perspective about how we going to look at, how we going to view people that God has put in our life. Amen.

How are you going to view your neighbor from today? How you going to, you know, kind of look your friend from today. Because all of us come from all different cultures and all different walks of life. But today let God give us the eyes that God wants to give us. So that we can look at, look at each one of them with love. Nothing but God’s unconditional love. Amen.

So, the title is love everyone everywhere all the time. So, I believe it’s a something that has to continue on. You cannot stop that. It’s a mission that God is, you know, asking us to be on with in a committed on. You know one of my greatest dream in our church that is that our church is a missional church. Pastor Sean already said that. We run a Bible college and more than two hundred people have graduated from our college. And they are all from different states of India.

And you know let me say tell you one more thing just to give you perspective. We have so many different languages in our nation. Twenty-four major languages. So if you go from one state to another, you are going to speak a different language. But with God for English and Hindi which is like the major language. And also we have about 1,500 dialects. You know many thousands of villages in our country. So meaning there is a lot more things to be done. So we believe as a local church, we believe as a church, we have to support and raise people so they can be trained with the word of God.

So we have a Bible College in New Delhi and you know we have graduated about 200 or 300 students and they come from all these different states and they come and learn English at the college. Because they speak different languages. So, by the time they finish this two years or three years, they have learned one more new language which is English. Now, they learn everything in English but they go back to their communities so that they can preach what they have learned in their own language and it’s an amazing strategy to reach people from and today I’m so blessed to tell you this. Every single one of our graduates are serving the Lord.

There are many local churches that are birth as a result of their commitment. And I want you to I want, I want to ask you to pray continually for these people and we are supporting even financially and resourcing them. Wherever because some of them they don’t even have the basics. You know basic you know facilities they have but we thank God. We can do this together. And we can partner with the purpose of God. For the salvation of the world. Amen.

Today as I share the message about loving everyone, everywhere, all the time. One thing that can see is across history humans are divided across you know economic and social lines. We see that you know in our nation we have the poorest. We have the middle class. We have the upper middle class and we have the rich, the elite. But today I want to tell you Jesus when he was in the world, he was reaching out to all different classes of people. And he, his message was to say, his love was the same and he just loved people. Yeah. Amen.

If you love people, that is an amazing character of God in you. And when you look at Jesus, wherever Jesus went to preach, a big crowd started to follow him. You know, there was always, you know, big crowds and people were following. He was a people magnet. And today I believe many of, may be you are already a people magnet. But if you are not, may be God wants you to become a people magnet. Hey, come on. Because that is what Jesus said. The same nature, God wants to give it to us. So, that we can share this great love. We can share this great gospel to our people. Amen.

So, we see that wherever Jesus went, He was ministering and He was releasing his unconditional love. He was serving people. It says, that Son of man did not come to be served but He came to serve others. Amen. That is the heart of God. That is the heart of Jesus and I believe as the children of God, if you, if you and I, we call as a Christian or a disciple of Jesus Christ. We got to be serving we got to be loving, amen.

So, I believe as we do that, we will see great things in our life. We will see great things in our neighborhood. How many of you have the faith this morning? That when you listen to God and even you have the courage and when God gives the boldness, you will go and share the gospel to your neighbors. You know, most often especially these days, we don’t even know who is our neighbor. Yeah.

You know, it is becoming more complicated. Remember the old days, when we knew everybody in the neighborhood. But today everybody is so busy. Everybody is so really busy with what they are doing personally, so many things on their mind. But I believe we got to take time to love people, we got to take time to reach out to people, we got to take time to have conversation with people.

Because everything that we do and when it’s all about God, God can do wonders. God can bless those that we speak to him. Even when you are, you know, going to a shopping place or wherever you are going. Let, let us have this commitment. That you will make sure that you will connect people. And people will love you to pray for them.

Like in India, if I ask somebody to like anybody that is walking on the street, can I pray for you? Most of the time they’ll say, yeah, please do pray for me. And I believe, how will you know until you reach out to them? How will you know until you ask them? Because when you are making yourself available, God can do the impossible, amen. So, Jesus’s day was not different. But in, but in even then Jesus interacted across the entire spectrum of the society Now, He was, you know, His love was, you know, demonstrated to all class of people. Amen.

And I believe God wants us to do the same. To keep loving people. Is it hard to love people? Is it hard? Some of you are saying, yeah, it’s not that, it’s not that, you know, easy. Yeah, I understand. I am sure there are moments in my life. When I felt it was hard to love somebody. But we got to move forward from there. We got to let the Holy Spirit walk in our life. And I believe we have to learn to forgive others. You know, many times as as a children of God. It’s so hard for us to forgive others. And we carry that spirit of unforgiveness in us. And it causes a lot of unwanted stuff that develops in our life. We carry the big heavy baggage of unforgiveness. The spirit of unforgiveness.

Today I want to remind us when you release love, when you release the unconditional love of God from your heart. To the other person around you. God begins to do a great work in your life. You will be blessed all you are going to do is just release what you have received. Freely you received, freely you release. Amen. I believe as we do that, maybe I am here to remind some of us. Maybe you are living in you know unforgiveness with something that’s happened in your life. Yes, you are right. But God is the God of justice. Amen.

So, you do your part and God will do his part. But we are called to love all. serve all and show Jesus to all. Can somebody say amen to and I believe one of the most amazing things of being a Christian is that you grow in your faith everyday. Christian faith is not stagnant. We keep growing, we keep maturing. Now, we keep you know moving forward in the things of God. Amen. And I believe that’s exactly what God wants us to do. You know, I believe today the population of the world is growing. I think it’s 7.7 billion people. Amen.

And so, we have to be a people. We got to be a community of people who are going to love people no matter what they are doing. Amen. And I and I hear the word racism. I hear so many you know things like injustice. But I’m like we got to have the heart of God. Who is going to step up? God wants us to step up. God wants us to step up. God wants us to speak up. Because I believe God has called us to be the voice for the voiceless.

And as Teja says here one of our ministries that we do. Ah we are reaching out to the ah you know underprivileged children in in the underserved communities. And today we have over a thousand children that are being given education and free education and free meals meals everyday. And we have four buses. We call the buses hope buses. Which is like converted into a school, a classroom. So we call it the hope buses and we take the buses into poor communities. And about 50 to 60 kids will get on.

One day you should come and see what we do there and these kids are waiting for this for the school to come to them. They have their little school bags. They are waiting and they step into the bus. It’s like heaven for them. And we share about the love of Jesus. We don’t try to go there with an agenda because that’s not our mission. We love them. We just we have decided in our hearts to serve and to love them. It’s not our goal that they should be a Christian. We want them to know that Jesus loves them.

So we do have songs, we do all those, we have a television on in the bus. And I am telling you over 1000 children are be blessed to that. And, and when you go to a community to reach out to children, you know that. You, you get the access to their parents. And you get thousands of families and you get the opportunity to speak the gospel to them. You get the opportunity to show that you love them and that you care for them.

You know, today, as you share about the King’s Community Care we also do something that we call heat the streets in winter months because we have a lot of homeless people in India. I’m sure you may have seen videos and stuff on the television and so even when you drive everyday on the roads, if you especially after certain time in the night, you see thousands of them sleeping on the road. It’s really dangerous. And you see kids just on the streets. And it’s very hard. But what are we going to do?

I know I remember when I landed city of New Delhi. It was a brand new experience. And I am seeing thousands of children on the streets. And the question that came in my heart is God, what do I do? And I know many of you have gone through that situations. It’s the problem is so big, you don’t know where to start. And I said, God, I can’t see this, this is something new for me. This is so terrible to see little children are going through such, you know, really difficult situations.

They are begging as you drive on the streets. And along with them, they’re will be the parents. And I said, God, I want to be a part of the solution of this problem. And I just started by praying first. Amen.

How many of you know when you pray? God reveals his super plan. How many of you know when you pray earnestly, God opens doors for you. And so 2010 we started Tejas Asia and we remember we, our vision, our dream was to have to take care of 25 children. You know, we were, we thought that was a big number. 25 children and in our youth group, we started that vision. But then today, as I speak to you, we have crossed over thousand children in the last 10 years. And four buses and other things we are doing.

But the great news is because we have chosen to love the city and the love the people in the city. There is going to be a transformation. Amen. So, there are many hundreds of people who are coming to church now. Ah in their little communities, we call it the community connect. So, we just go to obey God. When you see a problem, don’t walk away. We got to ask the Lord God. Why did you show me this? Why did you make me, you know, like, why did you show me this problem? So, you got to say, God if you have shown me, I believe you want me to be part of that. How many of you believe that?

And if you are really honest and if you are really you know wanting God to work through your life, God always shows up in your life. And that is my testimony in the last 10 years. We did not know how things are going to be. Amen. Even sometimes people do not support you. But you go to go according to what God has told you. And when you receive a vision, man, you cannot just stay silent.

You have to take steps of faith and I remember those days when we had we had a small group of three or two three to four people and with the money that I saved in Australia I was a student, I told you. And I had some superannuation, you know, funds and I could take it back when I go back from this country. I took all that money and I bought a mini van. And we had the feeding program started on the bus. Today, God is blessing the ministry. And today we are ready to take over the nation. Not just in Delhi but other cities of India and together we can do that. Amen.

Together we can love more people. Amen. Let us not be let us keep loving people wherever God has placed us. Now, living in New Delhi, that was the biggest, you know plan that God has for me. I had for me. Be meaning to love them and so today, we see people in our church who are from the poorest background. We have people from the middle class. We have people from the richer class. And I believe that is the heart of God. That we continue reach out to people from all walks of life. We want to reach the nameless and the famous. Amen.

Do you believe that church? The God has called you to do that. Yes, we are going to do that with the help of God. Amen. And so God loves everyone. God is in the process of redeeming everyone. From the clutches of sin to eternal life. That is our message. The God can, God can do that in our life and he has done already in our life. How did Jesus deal this situation in his life. How did he handle people from all walks of life? Jesus loves everyone who are in the bottom or that are in the top and all those who are in in between. So, all the different you know spectrum of the society. Jesus keeps loving them. So, I want to just talk about couple of points today.

The first thing is, Jesus reached out to the neglected in the society. He was reaching out to the neglected in the society. Let’s read gospel of Mark chapter 10 and we’re going to from verse 13 to 16. If you have a Bible, you can turn to Gospel of Mark. Chapter 10 verses 13 to 16. And I’m going to read from the ESV translation. It says like this And they were bringing children to him. That he might touch them. And the disciples rebuked them. But when Jesus saw it, he was indignant and said to them, let the children come to me. Do not hinder them. For to such belongs the kingdom of God.

And I know you are familiar with the scriptures. In verse 15 he says, truly I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God, like a child, shall not enter it. And he took them in his arms and bless them laying his hands on them. Wonderful, powerful scriptures here. You know, Jesus wanted to lay hands on the children and he wanted to pray for them. Because how many of you believe when you lay hands on somebody, something happens. We believe in the impartation of the Holy Spirit.

And I want to take this time to honour my, my, my dear mother. She passed away two months ago. But I just want to honour now just to give glory to her. When I was a little boy, she laid her hands me. Every morning, every morning at 5:30, she will come next to my bed. She lay hands on me and she will pray for me and today, I want, I want to give glory to God for my Godly father and my Godly mom. Thank God for Godly parents. Amen.

And if you continue to trust God for your children. If you keep praying for your children, they are going to turn out to be somebody who is going to honour God. Amen. So, I want to encourage you, parents, today. Trust God, don’t quit. No matter whatever you are facing now keep trusting God for your next generation and for generation and for a generation. because God has a great plan for them. Amen.

So, when it comes to this passage, we can see the context. You know, when Jesus was ministering and he was there trying to minister to people. The picture is, he was talking to a large crowd. And as I said earlier, wherever Jesus went, a large crowd always followed him. Now, the disciples as you, as we the passage, the disciples was, they were trying to do the right thing. They wanted to have the, as I said in the first service, the VIP people to come and meet with the, the important Jesus.

Okay, now they were standing probably they are standing in line and but the wonderful thing is you see Jesus is looking at the crowd in a different way. He is got a different perspective. And he is, he saw what the disciples were doing. They were trying to stop the children. So, meaning, they were trying to say, you are not so important. Kind of the neglected community at that place. But I believe that but here is what we see the heart of God. He wanted to reach out to the children. He want to reach out to everybody who was here. For God, there is no VIP and VVIP. We are all the same.

How many of you excited about that? God loves us just like he loves everybody else. No one is so, you know, so special to God. Everybody is super special to God. Amen. So, today I want you to understand that God loves you so much you are everything to him. He died on the cross for you. You are special to him. Let’s really you know love and understand his love for us. Amen.

To have that intimate relationship with Jesus. So that’s what you know that’s what they saw and I believe you know sometimes we also make the mistakes like that. We try to try to see things in a different but try to understand what Jesus wants to do through our life. To get that Godly perspective in our life. To love everyone, everywhere, all the time. And I believe it’s very important that we learn this kingdom value. And kingdom value is very different. Amen.

You know that? Kingdom value is different because we follow the words of God. And the kingdom value is to love everybody. And so here we see a kingdom moment. Something is happening and Jesus is reaching out to everybody there. Amen. So I believe this is a great example for us when it comes to us. Reaching to the neglected community. Maybe there are neglected in your life. Who are the neglected people in your life? Maybe there are people in your family that you have forgotten about. There are friends in your life that you have forgotten about. You try to share the gospel but they have not responded. But I believe it’s our job to keep reaching out to them. It’s our job to keep loving them. No matter what happens. You keep sowing and God is the one who is going to grow that plant. Amen.

So I believe when we reach out to the neglected people, whoever it is, maybe the poor in our society, who are neglected in many different ways. God has called us to be their voice. God has called us to reach out to them and God has called us, called out to be a blessing. We are blessed to be a blessing. Amen.

So, we can, we, we reach out to them and we could, we gotta have the eyes of Jesus. To look at things and see what’s to be done and make sure we jump in and say, God, I am ready. Use me, God. How many of you will say that today? God, I’m ready. me, when you say that, God gets hold of you. And he begins to, you know, plan for your life. He begins to, you know, take, make you part of the big plan that God has when it comes to the salvation of the world. And I believe we all are called to partner with God. Amen.

And I believe we are, we are called, we are, we are the image bearers of Jesus. We carry the image of Jesus. So, wherever we go, let’s say, we go to our work places. We don’t compromise with our faith. We will you know declare his goodness. We will talk about how amazing our God is. We’ll declare his praises to the people around us. And when we are bold and confident, they will get to know Jesus. Amen.

So God has called us every member of this church, every person in this Church. To be the image bearer of the Lord Jesus Christ. Because He died for us, He died for them. Let us continue to share his love to them. Amen.

And all you have to do is talk to people. Have built conversations so that you can talk about the glory of God. You can talk about what God has done in your life. And your testimony is going to change them. Amen. Your story is going to touch them. And more people can come to know Jesus. So, we see this amazing picture how Jesus was reaching out to the children and the neglected ones who the disciples thought were not important. So, I don’t know where who you are today but if you feel like God, why I, why am I not receiving a blessing? Why, why like neglected when it comes to the plan I’ve got.

Today, I want to tell you, you are super special to God. God has a plan for your life. Do not forget that the enemy will come and tell you, you are done. You are over. But today let me remind you. Yes, God is going to begin a new work in your life. He is going to do, he is going to give you a new dream in your life. And all you have to do is just be sensitive to God. Now, you got to be available for God. Because he is speaking, the question is, are we listening? Amen.

So, when we listen, God begins to do that. And the second thing I want to share with you is, where in which Jesus loves and cares for those who are in between and the top in the society. God loves everyone, right? He loves everyone in the world. So, let’s read John chapter three verses one to three. John chapter three, verses one to three, I am reading from ERV.

It says, there was a man named Nicodemus, one of the one of the Pharisees, he was an he was an important Jewish leader. One night, he came Jesus and said, teacher, we know that you are a teacher sent from God. No one can do these miraculous signs that you do unless they have God’s help. So, Nicodemus understood that you know, Jesus was different and in verse three says, Jesus answered, I assure you, everyone must be born again. Anyone who is not born again cannot be in God’s Kingdom.

You know, I want to tell you this from this passage. Nicodemus was an influential member in society. He was, he was a part of the Sanhedrin. He was a scholar, he was a standout guy in that place. But now, you know, he wanted to meet with Jesus and because he was afraid of the people, may be how people might think about him when he is going to meet with Jesus. He chose to go to Jesus in the night. And he wanted to be at the, at the, the feet of Jesus because he knew Jesus was the son of God. Amen.

Many times we want to you know sometimes people come to church, they have to hide. They don’t want to tell others. But thank God you are coming to church and knowing the words of God. Amen.

Because God has a great future and a hope for each one of us. So, you see that he was a significant person. But Jesus gave time to Nicodemus. And I want to tell you, maybe we should give time to our friends and our family members who do not know Jesus. You know, we had so busy doing our own stuff. But I believe it’s important that just like Jesus gave time, access, Jesus gave access to Nicodemus. We all need to give access to our people around us. Because they may want to have, they may have questions, they want to, they want to talk with you. And when you talk about the love of God in your life. Amen.

The real love of God that you are experiencing. They are going to know Jesus in a personal way. So, if you can see that as, as Nicodemus from a, you know, richer, influential background. Jesus was, you know, still reaching to them as well. Because I believe, you know, just because from the outside, they look okay. They are, they are also needy on the inside. So, today I want to tell you, there are needy people around us. You know, there are needy people in this church this moment. Today, I want to tell you, we got to reach out. Amen.

And that’s exactly what Jesus is teaching us and declaring us to do, to reach out, to go where people are. To make sure that we carry the anointing of God to places where, you know, where the darkness is to be, needs to be expelled. Amen. So, we can be the light of God. We are the light of God in Jesus name. So, let us get ready for a brand new season in our life.

You know, Christmas is coming, everybody are looking forward for Christmas. You know, this big celebration is going to come. But imagine, if we can fill this house, imagine if we can fill this room with thousands of people. So, that they can get to know Jesus. Let our hearts be stirred up this morning, my brothers and sisters. You know, we are blessed and we are a blessing everywhere.

But let’s also pray for the people around the world. You know in India the persecution is rising. But the church is growing as well. More than 15, 00 people are getting saved everyday. Praise God. But that is not enough. We need more. We need fifty-thousand, a hundred-thousand to be saved everyday. But it can happen. When we do our part. That’s right. We can happen when you pray, when we pray, when we partner together. And I believe better is together. Amen.

And I want to tell, take this time to thank each one of you. And I know you will pray. Now you have seen my face. You know who you going to pray? When you think about India, pray for us. And pray for the other nations. No matter the persecution rises. Now it’s not going to affect us. We are going to take the kingdom of God forward. Amen.

And we believe salvation for the world. Yeah. Amen. May the Lord bless us with His word. I’m going to call upon pastor Sean to come and take forward. Thank you so much church. Bless you.

Ps Marlo Phillip

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