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Expecting Supernatural Turnarounds

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Could you please stand to your feet and please welcome the guest speaker, Pastor Frank DiMazio. Good. Be seated. Good morning, church. Good morning.

Good morning. Good morning. Barry and Joni are our very close friends. I live in LA. We live in Portland, Oregon, West Coast.

Uh Barry, we met him way back and Joni when he was a lifeguard. Uh and then he became a paramedic and then he became a fire chief in LA and he is keen to meet some of the lifeguards here in Australia and challenge them to some kind of a swim or a surf or something, you know. I told Barry, you’re just too old to do that. Just enjoy the scenery, Barry. Enjoy the scenery.

They’ve been great friends forever. My wife and I have been married 47 years. Uh and she will She always, you know, if we’ve been married 47, July will be forty-eight. So, then, she always says, say 48 but it’s 4seven. You know, when my birthday is coming up, July 5th, I am.

Oh my God. I’m 73 years old. Now, that would be the time for you to turn to your neighbor and say, no way. No way. No way could he seventy-three.

Yes, I’m afraid I am. And my wife is a couple years younger than me. Although, people think she’s much younger and so, sometimes, people will say very funny things when we’re traveling. Like one of the people at the airport saying to her, do you need any help with your father? I have prayers for people like that. So, I always say it’s because of me that she looks so good.

I kept her young. Alright, Then, by the way, she’s Australian. Whoo. Uh so, that gives me a right to preach in Australia, you know, because she was born and raised in Melbourne. And so the driver today when he was bringing us was talking about those people coming up from Melbourne.

Taking our properties and living on the Gold Coast. So, Sharon says, be careful what you say about the Melbourne people. Oh. Are you from Melbourne? Yes, I am. And so that was the end of the Melbourne conversation right there.

Melbourne is a beautiful city. I’ve been all over Australia. I’ve been here thirty plus times and so, it’s a home away for home for me. It’s one of the countries. I do enjoy.

I enjoy your food. I enjoy what else do I enjoy? Enjoy your food. I think the Australian people are wonderful, outgoing, friendly. Uh I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed the Australian people. There’s some countries I go to.

I don’t enjoy the people. I preach by faith, love by faith, and I live by faith. Uh but Australia is one of those countries that I enjoy. Your coffee, your pastries, your lamingtons as long as they’re the real lamingtons, not the dry ones. Uh I enjoy all of it.

It’s great to be here with Pastor Ben and Trish Uh actually, this is our first time getting to know each other. Uh we’ve known each other by reputation, good reputation by the way. But to be with him and the leaders and the pastors at the summit and the staff and the pastors and staff and pastors and pastors and staff and and and things that he’s scheduled for me. Has been wonderful. One thing I’ve noticed about you at King’s Church, you’re a cut above.

You’re a different church. You know, I’ve been around Australia a lot and I would say that your schools that I experienced the last couple days just looking at your school facilities and talking to your pastors. I’ve not seen a school facilities like this in America. It is absolutely amazing school facilities. Well, I lived here.

I had kids. They would be in that school until they were 30 years of age. You know, they they would attending King’s King’s College is what you call it, King’s College and so just a amazing properties, amazing buildings that you have built and church and pastors you’ve raised up. Uh I I congratulate you on that because you the people are the ones who carry the burden and you give to that and you make it happen and I congratulate you for having a heart and a vision to see something like that come together. In America, there’s there’s very few there’s some large Christian Schools right around America but they’re usually independent schools.

They’re not church schools. They started as church schools and then they end up being independent schools for a lot of reasons for the grants, for the finance, but the relationships and etcetera. They don’t exist together. We, we, the church, we pastored and gave up 7 years ago. We had church and Christian school.

We kept it together as one unified whole even though they had their board. They had, you know, their budgets and all that. It was still a together, eldership, work with them, we finance, we help. Uh that is a rare thing to see in the USA and and I think it’s rare any place else. So, I really applaud you for keeping the two together because it’s it’s it’s the future.

If you can keep it together and in relationship and moving forward. The school needs the church and the church needs a school and that’s just the way it is and so, keep that together and work together and I know you’re a great people and you will do that. Alright I’m going to dig into the word a little bit with you this morning and I’m going to have you probably respond as I preach. Um I’m a preacher that has the audience do some things with me. So, if you would just cooperate whenever that happens, I’m not sure when.

It’s spontaneous. I don’t plan ahead what you do but I will be doing things that ask you to get involved. Like, right now, could you say a big amen? Amen. And could you also say, I’m going to get something out of this word. Amen Now, by faith, will you turn to your neighbor and say, I really like him.

Jeez, thank you so very much for that. I I like you too and in life, we face all kinds of things Uh in our life, with our four children and the whole journey of pastoring and leadership and everything we’ve been through. Jeez, there’s been a lot of stuff, a lot of things that you face in life. I’m going to talk with you about one specific subject and then I’ll put the scriptures into it but the subject we’re going to talk about this morning is called expecting. Would you say the word expecting? Expecting.

Come on. Talk to me. Expecting. Expecting supernatural turnarounds is is the name of our message. Expecting supernatural turnaround.

It’s a faith message. Now, you can choose to not enter into my preaching this morning and just listen to it as a mental thing. take a few notes, and yes, or you can lean in and you can actually say, you know, maybe I need to have more expectation and that actually could experience a supernatural turnaround in my life and so I’m not just going to listen with my mind. I’m going to listen with my heart and with my spirit and I’m going to lean into the message. Can I hear an amen? You know the difference.

I know the difference. Some people you’re not taking notes on your phone. You’re checking some restaurant right now and where you’re going to go or you’re looking at some text or Emails and you know in the olden days before we had this. None of those things change what we were going to do. But now that we have the phone, I would challenge you only your phone to look up scriptures, take notes, anything else unless it’s the family.

If the family Emails you or text you, by all means, you should say, I will talk with you later. No, you can respond if it’s some kind of a thing. If not, forget the phone for right now and lean in to the word of God. Lean in to the message and allow yourself maybe to see that you might need a supernatural turnaround in your life. There’s five levels of turnarounds.

Uh personally most of us would understand that we need something personally in our life. That could be something in our minds, something in our physical body, something in our heart, soul, maybe we’re suffering from some kind of a depression or oppression or discouragement. Uh personally, you you need something to happen in your personal realm that would turn you around. Second is your family. Our families are the most precious things on planet Earth and you never get rid of that.

Whether you have kids right now, then it’s it’s they get married and you have grandkids and they’re still a part of your heart and your life and so you have a heart for the family. You want your family to do well. You want your family to have all the things that you know they need to have. Third is your business or your job. You want to turn around in your business or your job.

It might need promotion or it might mean for you a business startup or might mean a loan or might need wisdom or maybe the wall with your business or maybe you’re facing some great losses with your business. Maybe some things are quite complex with you right now or it could be your leadership, your ministry arena on how you serve, how you lead, what your gifts are, what you do in the church, what you do for the kingdom of God. Maybe that’s come to a stand til maybe it’s great. Maybe it’s not and then it could be at the church as a corporate whole. We need to turn around in the church.

It might be getting some properties or building some building or some finances or it might be some some places in the vision that need to extend and not moving fast enough or there maybe there’s some problems that people need to solve within themselves with the relationship in the church etcetera and so there’s categories of turnarounds and we’re talking about that. Mark eight twenty-five, it says, then, he put his hands on his eyes. This is Jesus praying for a person who was blind. Then, he put his hands on his eyes and this is the only time, the only Time in the New Testament where you will find this word about healing where it says and he put his hands and his eyes again. Would you say the word again? Again.

For the son of God, Emmanuel, God with us, to have to do it the second time is very encouraging to me. Amen. Because he said to the man, can you see? And the man says, not totally. I see people like trees walking. It’s it’s a little obscure.

He wasn’t totally healed and so Jesus laid hands on his eyes the second time and then said to him, look up and it says and he was restored and he saw everything clearly. Now, this is what I I want to put into your spirit this morning. I want you to maybe just own this that Jesus is coming to you a second time. He he’s not done with you. There’s things that he’s going to do in your life and he’s going to come to you again and again and again.

Even if it didn’t happen the first time, I’m believing for the second time or the third time that Jesus would lay hands on your eyes and that as you see Your perception, your perception of life and how you see life, how you see the will of God, how you see what’s going on right now in your particular world and he restored and he saw and this is what I’m praying that you would see everything clearly. Not obscurely, not darkly, not brailing your way through life and through prayer. Maybe it’s this way, maybe it’s that way. I think this is going to happen. I’m not sure about this.

No. I’m not preaching that on you morning. What I’m saying to you is that God’s going to open your eyes in such a way that you will see clearly the will of God. You will see clearly how to make decisions that are come your way. You will not have obscurity.

God is putting his hands on your life to see things properly right now. Would you do something with me? Would you just take your hand and just put it on your eyes? Just as a physical response is something that certainly is in the spiritual realm. Your eyes representing how you see, how you feel, what you see, if you’re seeing things wrong, if you’re discouraged about what you see, you don’t see clearly, you’re not sure what to do with that door. Lord, right now, I’m praying for every person for them to have the Holy Spirit open their eyes clearly that they would see everything in front of them with no obstacles. Lord, that they would know exactly what decisions they made exactly what door to open or close and moving forward for this church the same thing.

The eyes of the leaders and the eyes of the church. They would know exactly what door to go through. Exactly which door to shut. Lord, we are here because you want to give us supernatural turnaround and it starts with how we see and everyone shouted a big amen. Amen.

Alright. So, we’re talking about supernatural turnaround. Now, for a supernatural turnaround to be and your faith level because what I’m preaching to you is a choice. This is a choice this morning. You choose to believe in this message or not.

It’s your choice. Faith is a choice. Faith is a choice. Salvation is a choice. Baptism, Holy Spirit is a choice.

Prayer is a choice. Redeeming relationships is a choice. Everything that’s important in your life is a choice and you have to lean into it and you have to say yes and you have to believe because I have a certain worldview. My worldview is what? A supernatural God and so my prayer point of beginning is this, I believe God exists outside of the natural realm and so when I pray, I understand, I’m not praying to a God who is just like me or a God who lives on planet Earth or a God who is just human. He’s he’s the God man and so, he exist outside of the natural above.

Everyone shout above. Above. And beyond. Shout beyond. Beyond.

So, above and beyond the human realm. So, he’s outside of my realms and when I pray so many times when we pray, we pray within our realm not beyond our realm. So, we pray in a mindset that has almost unbelief riddled in it because we see the circumstance from a human point of view. We see the answer. We actually even see the from a human point of view and we start praying and it’s hard for us to pray anything really big or anything really outside of how I’m thinking because we’re living in this realm that is capped, this this human natural realm but my God is a turnaround God who lives outside of the human realm above the natural realm and heed the God that gives me my worldview, My worldview is centered in God not centered in man.

If not centered in the news, it’s not centered in other books. My worldview is centered in God and it’s based upon the word of God. Whatever I think, if it doesn’t line up with the word of God, what I’m thinking is a lie and the word of God is true and so my world view that helped with my thinking and my reasoning and my values and my perception even the reality that I believe in comes from the scripture. From how I pray and how I see God moving and so I’m reminded. Sometimes when I would really get overwhelmed pastoring, you know, we had church and campuses and bible college and schools and and we planted churches.

We have a church movement. We had so many different levels of responsibility. Sometimes, when I would really get weighed down discouraged because things weren’t happen as fast as they should or I don’t see where the resources coming from or whatever it might be. Of the things I would do is I would go home and I would Google Galaxy and I would Google information about stars and galaxies and how many galaxies there are, how many suns there are, how many earth there are, how bigger the stars, how far apart are them, and the more you Google, the more you read about the galaxies, you understand we’re in one of the smallest galaxies in all of the galaxies and you also understand to get across our galaxy would take so many light years you can’t even imagine. You can’t even go there your mind and then you start studying the stars and you start studying how big they are and what they do and how God controls all this in the universe and even if a little bit was off for the spinning of the earth and the sun and all that happens with that rhythm, we would be blown to smither rain and so, I would try to enlarge my thinking by remembering, remember God is very big.

Yes. And remember, God can handle very big things and remember we’re in the smallest galaxy and I’m just a speck of dust down here and so, I kind of fight with my speck of dust and I try to, you know, reason with God. How can you do it? How can you do this? What’s going to happen? Oh God, I don’t see how this can ever happen and God is saying, why don’t you go a little higher, Frank? Why why don’t you see me for who I am? I’m beyond your realm. I’m beyond everything that you can think. Let your thoughts be my thoughts come God never says go lower.

He says, come up. Come on, shout, come up. Come up. So, your prayer for supernatural turn around. You have to begin to understand there is a realm.

There is a realm where everything is possible. Yeah. It’s the realm of God. And Jesus walked in that room. Wherever Jesus went, the realm went with him and so whenever Jesus tapped into a situation of the lame man, the blind eyed, the deaf ears, the and possess, whatever it might be.

There was no penny. There was no trying to work this up. Jesus was in that realm. He was born from a realm that saw in this realm, these things are so possible. So, and he would say, you know, with man, it’s impossible but with me, all things are possible and so when you get into that realm, you start putting words like this into your prayer.

Nothing is too hard for the Lord. Thing. Yeah. It’s too hard for the Lord. He’s the creator.

He’s almighty God. He’s El Shaddai. He’s Yahweh. He can do all that is needed every time the need comes up. He’s a mighty God.

He’s a providing God. He put bread in the wilderness. He opened the Red Seas. He had the apostles walk on water. He healed the sick.

He’s a mighty God. Come on. Shout an amen. Amen. So, when you when you get into that realm, into that realm.

You start using words, it’s possible. Yeah. Nothing’s too hard for the Lord. He’s unlimited. He’s almighty.

I need a turnaround. Of course, God can turn this around. Of course, God can do this. A courts God can heal. A courts God can deliver.

A courts God can provide. I was in a situation with our campuses and we were trying to get a campus cross down on the Nike. The Nike side of town. And the side of town is more expensive and the properties are just very, very, very difficult to find and I had this, I had drawn a circle on a map on where I wanted our campus to be and so, when we got into it, the the real estate guy told me, he said, that’s called the triangle, something another here in Portland which means it’s the highest highest-based property. It’s the most in-demand property and that’s where we sell to usually large corporations are very wealthy corporations because that’s the triangle but I said, I I want a building right there in that triangle.

He says, well, there is a building on the freeway and it has some in his courtbeat and it it’d be perfect what I was looking for but he says, Frank, you can’t have it. He said, that, that, that properties worth millions and he says, the other thing is, there are 31 people waiting to buy the property on a list of 31 people for the bidding for the property. He said, you would be 32 and I said, I believe that I’ll be number one And he says, he says, no, you don’t understand real estate and I said, let’s get something straight. You don’t understand pastoring. So, I said, you’re a real estate agent.

I’m a prayer guy. Yeah. And the prayer is over the real estate agent and so unless you begin to work with me, you’re working against me. I’ll have to get a different agent and so, need right now for you to say you believe in miracles and you’ll help me get the property. So, he closes his book, kind of put a smile on his face like, you are one big piece of work.

Uh you don’t understand life. You’re not real. You’re one of these Pentecostal guys that dream up things or speak things into existence or pray these prayer. I could read his mind. I said, I know what you’re thinking but I said, you have a choice.

Either you walk out of my room and say, I can’t work with that man because he sees things I can’t see or you are on the journey of your life and you will learn what prayer does and what a supernatural God does and you know, it’s a story, it’s a story for me to tell and it would be worth it but my, I don’t have the time but we ended up going from 32 to 1. One. Come on. We flew back to New Jersey to talk to the owner. We path to everybody else.

We just flew, talked He said, you know, my mother was a Christian and she always wanted me to do something for God. Yeah. You know, I think a church in that building would be a great thing. So, you know what? I’m going to give you the building. And I said, well, I didn’t fly back.

The other two guys flew back and we’re talking, you know, and I said, yes, we want the building at this price. Which he could get probably two to three more million. He says, that’s a that’s a request. That’s a bold request But I think if my mother was here, she would say, help those poor people. And I said, God bless your mother.

God bless your mother. You know, we went from 32 to number one. We got into the building and I mean, immediately, we started remodeling and people were still coming by to look at the building. And they would say, what, what are you people doing in here? So, what? We’re the owners. No, you can’t be the owners.

There there’s a list and we’re on that list and we we had a chance to bid and then we have to bid again. I said, you you lost the bid. How do we lose the bid when we don’t have chance to bid? I said, because your number was not the first number. Well, who’s the first number? Hello. Hello.

You’re talking to him right here. I’m the first number. We had people upset with us. We had people shocked with us. We had people.

Why? Because in the realm that I live in, it’s possible. It is possible. That God can do things that man cannot do. God can move people where you don’t think they can move. If I were to listen to the real estate agent and where he wanted me to go was he had two or three little strip balls that were in bad areas.

He says, now, you could afford to be here and we can at this square footage, you could remodel it and it was way back, you know, in the neighborhood, go here, go there, you know, like you know, some kind of an adventure, traveler, even to find the property and I said, no, I don’t want to be over that side of the town. That’s a horrible side of town. I I’m not going to that mall. No, I’m not doing it. I’m not going to build right there.

I’m going to build on the freeway. The number one piece of land. Why? Because I believe it’s possible. And my whole life has been It’s possible. God can.

God is able. My mindset is there’s a realm that I need to move into that’s beyond my natural realm. Come on. How many of you right now am I talking to you and your faith levels coming up a little bit and you’re kind of lifting to me and you’re saying it’s possible. You know, it’s possible.

Things like that could happen for me too, for my, for whatever it might be. If you’re looking to get married, you can’t find a wife, it’s possible. Come on that she’s right here, right somewhere, that he’s right here. If you really can start a business, it’s possible. If you’re all these realms of life, it is possible.

Okay. Slide number two. Of the introduction. Supernatural intervention. This is a fantastic phrase, supernatural interventions, supernatural turnarounds come from.

What is a supernatural intervention? When God steps into my world, when God steps into my world, his footprints big. Changing the course of events, that’s what he does, people. With an outcome of his choosing, not mine, his choosing, and making that positions me for supernatural turnarounds. So, here you are in your life and you have all these things I’m trying to preach into you. God wants us depth into that space.

He wants to change the course of events. He wants to intervene which means to come between you and the circumstance. He wants to do something that will be maybe suddenly, he to step in powerfully and he wants to interrupt your circumstances. He he wants to interrupt your life. You will not have turnarounds unless you allow God to interrupt your life.

He comes in to interrupt things and sometimes that’s uncomfortable because we lose control and we’re not sure where the ship is going but you gotta trust God. When he steps in, it’s a defining moment. It’s a supernatural intervention. It’s a tipping point. It’s a critical point.

It’s gala tip. The God moment is coming and when that happens, redirect Come on. How many of you right now listening to me would say Patrick Frank Dimanzio, you know what? I’m ready for a supernatural turnaround. Let me see your hand. I’m ready for a supernatural turnaround.

How many of you would say, I’m kind of a piggy in the house of God. I want more than one. I want two or three turnarounds. I I want I want to believe God for for several turnarounds in my life. How many would say, I need a couple of personal turnarounds right now.

A couple personal. How many would say, I need a couple of turnarounds right now. Relationships healed and some prodigal to come home. How many need a business turned around right now? You need something to go on in your business where the deal will go through or you will have the right decision or or what looks like it’s just going to be really really a bad situation. God’s going to turn it around.

You’re actually going to go from number thirty-two to number thirty-one so to speak and God’s going to bless your business. How many of you believe with me that God still miracles. Start with that when you pray. Go from the realm. Of faith to where you are.

Yeah. And believe God has supernatural intervention. Now, here’s further definition of supernatural intervention. Now, look at this carefully. A supernatural intervention.

Would you just say out loud, my supernatural intervention? Okay. So, my supernatural intervention is what? It’s a divine encounter. Where God, now, is this possible that that God can do this? God reverses my circumstances. Well, that’s How does that work? And he turned the negative into positive Well, there’s no way in heaven and earth that what I’m going through is going to be positive. It it’s no possible way.

And shifts my thoughts and life toward a new direction, a new direction of faith, a new attitude, a new perception, new perspective. God begins to turn something in you where he begins to whisper in your spirit, I can reverse the irreversible. I can take what happened and make it work for your good. The police found a young woman in Idaho. She was driving her parents’ car and around the neighborhood late at night, she would drive in the car in reverse and she was going around and around the block.

So, someone called the police. The police come. They pulled the girl over and the policeman says, that young lady, what are you doing? She says, well, my parents left for the weekend and let have the car and I put a lot of miles on it. So, I’m trying to take them off She says, I’m trying to take the miles off by going in reverse. Well, he didn’t give her a ticket but he did say to her, have you ever understood it? Doesn’t work that way.

But in God’s economy, it does. God can take things that you’ve done. Mistakes, bad decisions. Whatever in your that you have experienced. God says, you know, I can reverse the.

Wow. Irreversible. I can completely change a bad situation into an opportunity I don’t think you can do this one, God. This one is. This one is way out there.

You know, why? Because I married the wrong guy. And so, what are you going to do about that? Kill him? Are you going to I mean, I can’t leave him. I don’t love him. It was a bad decision Now, none of you out there that are married should be looking at your spouse right now. You you just look forward with me.

You know, the spouse says, that’s not you, is it? You just agree with your adversary quickly. No, it’s not me. No. But if it is, God can actually reverse the heart that Lo Lord. The mistake that was made Pulled together another heart.

Give you the best marriage that you could ever even imagine. You don’t have to get a divorce. You don’t have to get a separation. Even if there’s a lot of things there that need to change. They can change.

And God can reach in and change the heart of that man or the heart of that woman. Okay. He can reverse thing. Now, a few scriptures. Are you okay? How many are soaking some of this in? How many are thinking of the person that should have been here? I’m sure they got it recorded.

You can you can give it to em. If not, just take your notes and go preach it to em. Zephaniah three nine. Now, now notice my words. The word turn.

Zephaniah three nine. In the end, I will turn things around for the people of God in the end. In the end, after everything has happened, I will turn things around. Whether you’re in adversity or in darkness, or things have come to an end, or you feel like you’re a victim. I’m giving you Zephaniah three nine to start praying.

In the end, God will turn this thing around for my sake. In the end, I’m not letting go. I’m not giving up. How about Jeremiah 3one thirteen? I will I will turn, I will turn their mourning into joy. Never give up.

That is just the time to plate that the tide will turn. You know that. If you live long enough, you know. That we give up right before a breakthrough, right before a huge change. We we let go too soon because we’ve hung on for a long time and we’ve had a lot of sorrow and a lot of it and a lot of that but you gotta hang in.

And believe that in the right time, God will turn it around. I’m a cancer survivor. I had cancer about eight years ago, nine years ago and the cancer journey that I went on was nothing that I certainly would never choose. I was 64 years of age when I went on the cancer journey and I was in the best of health. I was, I’ve always been a athletic person.

I I’ve been a racquetballer. I’ve been a tennis. I’ve been golf. I’ve been at this time. I was a cyclist and I was cycling thirty, 40, 50 miles a week and so, was in great shape.

I was at the top of the game. The church could not have been better. We are at the top of the game with the church, top of the game with my own personal life, my health. It’s like nothing could be better than what we’re living right now. We’re living the dream.

We’re doing this and then, the prognosis. You know, I’m on an airplane flying to do some meetings and I just had this excruciating pain in my leg and couldn’t figure out what it was and so, long story to the doctors and it took them six weeks to pinpoint what was wrong and finally, through the test and everything, they went because I thought it was an injury from my cycling or something like that. Cancer never entered my mind and so when the doctor finally said, you have cancer in your hip. There’s a tumor in your hip. You have cancer.

Your whole world kind of stops. It’s like you’re watching a movie that you’re not in. You’re watching it happen to you. So, what does that mean? Well, it means we’re going to have to treat it and we’re going to have to be very fast because you have the fastest moving lymphoma in your hip. And it’s been moving fast.

We’re late. to get this done and so, the doctors that I saw and all the stuff, I was talking to the one doctor who was going to take over my case and I’m sitting in her office but I’m I’m of a bad attitude. I’m in horrible pain and I don’t like the journey I’m on whatsoever. And so she said to me, she said, Frank, do you want me to treat your canter? You want me to be your doctor? I said, I do she was kind of over the cancer doctor. She was she was the the gal that could be the best And I said yes.

Um, yes, I do. She says, okay, this is the deal. You have to do everything I tell you. Every time I tell you, with no negotiation. Well, you know, I’m a leader.

I wrote the making of a leader I don’t know if I want someone to have that much authority. She says, that’s the only way I’ll do it So, I did it. I said, okay, I will do. She says, fine. She says to Sharon and I pack up his stuff.

We’re in her office. Will him out to the car. Get in your car. drive across town to this hospital Get out of your car. Check into the hospital because you’re going to start chemotherapy in a few hours.

And I said, oh no, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’m a pastor Pillard Church. I have a bunch of staff. I have all kinds of stuff. I got a, she said, Frank, you won’t do the much good if you’re dead.

She said, so you need to do what I tell you. So, my life was taken over and I was put into a pathway where I had to believe Zephaniah three nine, Jeremiah 31 thirteen. In the end, I’ll turn it around. 9 months of journeying with pain and treatment and chemo and watching people die. I was in the the ward that I’m in is is everybody dying.

Everybody a dime. There’s no laughter. There’s no story telling. The nurses don’t joke around. They do smile but all you hear is the hum of machines and a lot of of silence conversation going on between doctors and doctors and the whole fear was unbelief and death and and I knew as I sat in that atmosphere that if I did not get a hold of my spirit that I was going to be drained of every ounce of faith I had and every positive anything that I believe would happen.

So, I actually had to verbally start saying to myself, but God will turn this around. I did not believe it. I did not see it and I certainly did not feel it. I am not in the case of a great faith but I had to say it but God will turn this around. I believe I will live and not die.

Amen. So, I started saying to the nurses, I will live and not die. That’s it but we’re we’re believing for the best. No, Believe for the best. I will live and not die.

Well, the whole journey of believing has to go outside that whole journey of darkness and thing else and you have to believe wherever you are right now in the deepest hole I will turn. I will turn it around. What happens if he doesn’t? That’s his business What happened doesn’t come on time. I’ll tell you right now. Nothing of great in the kingdom of God comes on your timetable.

Nothing. Nothing. Zero. The timetable is not your negotiation tool. This is the time.

I’m thirty. I want a husband. By the time I’m thirty-one, I have no time to wait. Now, send me. Well, you best wait because you might end up making a bad decision so you gotta wait but God knows.

God knows exactly the right timing for you. Now, do you believe Psalms 126 and verse one? When the Lord turned again. Not if. What? When? The Lord. Yeah.

Turned again. The captivity of Zion is trimmed in the south. Sudden floods. In the desert. God wants you to get a spirit of faith today to say he’s going to turn this again.

Again. And he’s going to do it not while I’m in the promise but while I’m in the desert. I don’t choose to be in the desert but sometimes that’s where the most miracles happen. I don’t choose to be in the dark and sometimes that’s where God does his best work. How about this scripture? Proverbs thirteen verse one.

Unrelenting disappointments leave your heart sick How how many here have suffered at some point in your life? A pretty significant disappointment. We all have. But how many have suffered more than one? And how many have suffered one after another until you said, it’s unrelenting, disappointment is trying to capture me. My life is defined by these disappointments. I can’t get away from them.

But I’m prophesying to you with my eyes open using this scripture. Unrelenting disappointment leaves your heart sick. Yes. Your heart will be sick. But there a sudden good break that can turn your life around.

Can I prophesy over everyone of you right now that a sudden good break is coming your way. A sudden good break. You’ve had a bunch of unreal anything but I’m praying and I’m prophesying that this could be the time where it suddenly comes and a sudden good break comes. And what has not been will become and you will see this as a turnaround. It will be supernatural.

I know I’m preaching faith unto someone. Some of you will not even feel this and you maybe not need it. But those who really are in a desperate place and you’re in that deep hole and you’ve had so many things happen one after another and you’re and we’re talking maybe years and you give up on this opposition you give up you give in. I’m saying to you, that saith the Lord, a good break is coming your way and God is going to turn what hasn’t turned before. He has not left you behind.

He is not forgotten you. He is not punishing you. He is not against you. He is your God. He is Yahweh.

He Jehovah Jireh. He’s the Lord Jesus Christ and he has a heart for you and he’s going to turn things around. Can I hear an amen? Amen. Okay. One last scripture.

Isaiah forty-three Verse eighteen and nineteen, Isaiah 4318 and nineteen. Three different translations. If we were in a counselling situation, we were needing me and I was talking to you and you have been discouraged or you have been captured by your doubts or you have given up on yourself or you you’ve told me the same story three times in the last counseling sessions and you haven’t moved on. You won’t move on. Let this be your your counsel to you.

Isaiah forty-three. Forget about what happened. Yeah. Don’t keep going over old history. Yeah.

Yeah. Be alert. Be present. I’m about to do something brand new. It’s bursting out.

Don’t you see it? There it is. I’m making a road through the desert rivers and the bad land and I’m saying to you, in faith this morning, forget about what happened. Don’t keep going over your path and old history. Don’t let anything define you from that area. Come to the place today where you would say, something new is breaking out for me.

It’s bursting out. It’s breaking the bands. It’s taking the fences down and I’m going to grab it and I’m going to run with it and I’m going to tell everybody around me when I have dinner tonight or breakfast in the morning. The people I work with, I’m going to say to the people around me, oh by the way, did did you know that God had done a supernatural turnaround for me? Oh, I don’t care if they’re Christian Mormon, Heathen, or what religion they are. Just tell em how it is.

God had done a supernatural thing for me. He’s turned things around and you know what? Good things are coming my way and you know what? A sudden good break. It’s going to happen real soon for me. And this person might look at you kind of funny. But then their faith starts coming up.

And you say to them if you hang around with me, you also will have a breakthrough. And a sudden good break that’s going to come to your life. Maybe I should pray for you right now. Because I’m overflowing with faith. A new thing is coming.

A new door is opening. We are moving forward in this and I believe that God has custom made a new path for me to go on. Can you say a big hallelujah? But the Lord says, another translation, do not cling to the defense of the path to dwell on what happened so long ago. Watch for the new thing I’m doing. Put your eyes on it.

Watch for it. It’s happening already. Another translation but forget all that and this is a great phrase to remember. It is nothing compared to what I’m going to do. I’m about to do something brand new that never happened before.

I’ve already begun. You need to catch up with me. Can I say that God has already begun and I’m going to say one last thing before I pray for you and this is found in Haggai two and verse fifteen. Where turn arounds have a definite demarcation line that we draw Haggai two fifteen, I’m pulling out one little English word Haggai 2 15 and now, everyone say now. Now.

Carefully consider from everyone, shout the word from. From. One more time. From. From.

Now, Haggai dealing with a discouraged people. They were supposed to rebuild the walls. They were supposed to do all this. They’re years behind. The people have no hard to work.

They are totally bound by the past now. They’re they’ve lost heart and everything. They don’t have a lot of provision. The Haggai into a very dark moment in the Israel’s heart and he says, from this day forward, from right now The temple is going to be rebuilt. The stone’s going to be placed.

It’s going to happen. And the next verse two to eighteen, Haggai two eighteen, he knew they still didn’t get it. So, he said, consider now From this day forward and then, he dates it. From, everyone shout from. From.

Twenty-fourth day of the 9th month from, everyone shout from. It’s a key word in this verse. Five times in two verses. From that day, I want you if you can by faith to mark today. March 17th 2000twenty-four From this day, by faith, from this day forward, I’m leaving behind all that.

I’m moving forward to a new path. I am believing that there are some fantastic things. God already has put together. I’m going to pray from the realm of the possible and I’m going to pray into the realm of my impossible. By faith, I believe that God is going to open new doors.

He’s going to do some mighty things in my life. my family, and from this day forward, you’re looking at a person who has great vision great faith and great expectation and I will not go back. I’m believing for miracles. I’m believing for healings. I’m believing for prosperity.

I’m believing for God to promote. I’m believing for my business to have more than enough. Most business people want to give more than they’re giving and God wants you to give more. There’s a breakthrough coming to the business. There’s a breakthrough coming to finance.

God from this day forward. Take your hand. Got it? Alright? Everyone say from. From. Day.

Day. Forward. Forward. Now, we’re going to do it like this from this day forward. Okay, are you ready? No, don’t put your hand down.

Are you ready? From this day forward. Now, turn your neighbor and say, don’t you dare go back. Don’t you dare go back. God made a way where there is no way. Supernatural turnarounds are coming.

Would you rather live with unbelief, doubt, and nothing’s going to happen. I’m a victim. You know, I just don’t see it. I’m just going to live the way. Don’t do it.

Press in. Let’s stand to our feet right now. Are you ready? Yes. Okay. Why don’t we just spread our hands toward heaven? And you know, in the New Testament, there were people that reached out, stretched out their hand to touch the hem of the garment, stretched out their hand in the synagogue where the man had a withered hand.

He’s stretched out his hand. I want you to in the physical like you are in the spirit. I want you just to stretch toward God. Just just kind of stretch out. In the spirit of faith and tenacity.

Father, right now, I’m praying there would come a supernatural endowment upon these people and outpouring of the Holy Spirit. They would come an attitude out from this day forward. There would come an attitude of I’m in the realm of possibility. There would come the realm of faith. Lord, we are speaking to our turning points.

Lord, we are speaking to our life on every realm and we’re saying, oh God, we know. That you are make away where there is no way. You’re opening doors when noone else can open. You are putting us into the number one spot when we can’t even see how it’s going to happen. Lord, we pray that supernatural turnarounds rest upon us and our children, our friend, our business, our jobs, every area of our life.

Devil, you are a liar. We are God’s people. We are able to do this. We have a new heart and a new spirit and you have empowered us to do supernatural thing. Now, I want to give to the Lord a great clap and a great shout at the thing.

Guest Ps Frank Dimazio

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