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This is a well-known passage of scripture and this is basically when the prophet Elijah hands over his calling and his mantle to his ah apprentice the prophet Elisha. And so he’s about to be taken away.

Ah and he’s about taken away in a fiery chariot and Elisha is with him right until the very end. Before he goes, he says to Elisha, what do you want from me? He said, I want a double portion of your anointing, double portion of your spirit and so, when he actually ascended, when Elijah was taken away, his mantle, his cloak actually fell to the ground. His cloak talked about his office, his office as a prophet. Then, Elisha put on that and then he struck the rivers of the Jordan and it actually parted. That was the first miracle that a law should have done.

Elisha had served Elijah for years, not performed a single miracle but he was kind of like an apprentice. He was waiting. And when it was his time, he actually went and he performed a great deal of miracles. He asked Elijah for a double portion of his spirit. And over the course of the next few chapters, we actually see that he performed an incredible amount of miracles after receiving that.

You know, the River Jordan, when you look at it through scripture, it’s always a transitional point. It always talks about a change of season. I’ll talk to you about when Jesus was actually baptised in the River Jordan. That was actually he came up and the Holy Spirit came upon him in the form of a dove. That was a transition season for him. He actually stepped into his ministry from that point.

When the Israelites crossed over into the promised land, what did they do? They crossed over the River Jordan. The Jordan is often talked about whenever people cross over the Jordan, it talks about a change of season. As believers, we actually go through seasons. The Bible tells us in Ecclesiastes, there’s a time for everything. And go through different times and we go through different seasons.

And here Elisha actually transitions. Elijah changes season because he goes straight to heaven. But Elisha also transitioned in the season because he now becomes the prophet in Elijah’s place. You know I prepared for the next two weeks a couple of different messages to share. And ah and then I just felt the Lord say to me not to share them.

So that’s good. Because I’ve actually got them in the bank. So I can pull them out anytime I want. Um but I actually felt God wanted me to share actually from this passage of scripture. Uh I woke up yesterday morning and there was a real excitement in my spirit.

I can’t explain it. Those of you who are very prophetic in nature, you know what I’m talking about. You wake up and there’s a real excitement that you know something’s about to happen. And I woke up yesterday with an incredible excitement in my spirit about some kind of season change. And I especially believe it here for Reedy Creek.

That I believe that for whatever reason and I don’t can’t put handles on it. Hopefully if I’m right we can look back and play the video and that sort of thing makes me look but I actually feel that I actually feel that they’re stepping into something’s happening. We’re about to crossover into a new season. Our church here is 45 years old. We know about seasons.

We’ve had ups and downs and you have winters but you know, when you go from winter, you go into spring and I just feel that God is saying that this new season is coming in the life of our campus here. Each one of our campuses, they’re different children and they all go through different seasons and they don’t go through the same season at the same time. If you look, look at family photos of the past, you will say, oh I see this especially right now. Like with three sons. Once they hit puberty, one shoots up and the other one stays looking exactly the same.

And then there comes a time around about 13 or 14, they start shooting up. Things happen at different rates and at different times. But everyone experiences changes of season. And I just feel today is today and next week is more of a prophetic utterance that I believe that there’s a change of season coming here at Reedy Creek. And when I say that, I’ll see it in a positive way.

And I believe that good things are about to happen and I felt God wanted me to share from this passage of scripture because it’s a change of season message. It’s talking about things that happened on another side of the Jordan. And so I want to talk to you today. And also next week as well. About a few different things that a few miracles that God can actually do.

The miracles that Elisha did were actually quite different and unique. When we talk about miracles we kind of pigeonhole them a bit. We always talk about healing and that sort of thing and self and all those very very important miracles and deliverance. But it’s actually God who is not limited to that. That’s why you can sum up all the works of God in signs and wonders.

Just a whole bunch of different types. Whole different type of miracles. And Elisha went on a tear over the next few chapters. Every chapter after this he performed some kind of outrageous and unique miracle that he has saw in his life. In the same way we can experience a multiplicity of different types of miracles in our life. You might be here in this place today and you’re saying, I need a miracle, I need a breakthrough. Well, I’m here to let you know, you’re in the right place because we serve a God who can perform many, many different types of miracles and so today, I want to start talking to you about different types of miracles that God can perform and not only that, these miracles are all suddenlies. So, these are not miracles of process. We can understand that if we live by Godly principles, if we do that, then the outworking of that will actually produce good results.

And that’s a process. Ah but the reality is God doesn’t just do things through process. Ah because if everything was just done through process we might be guilty of trying to take all the glory. But there are times when God does things very very suddenly. I remember I was talking to a guy at a church I was visiting and we were talking about the things God does and he goes oh yeah God always moves in process.

I said that’s rubbish. God doesn’t just always move in process. Yes he can do things but he can do things really really fast. Blind Bartimaeus, born blind from birth. Suddenly, he was healed.

Woman with the issue of blood. Suddenly, she was here. We serve a God who can do things fast, who can do things suddenly, who can do things quickly, that there can be no doubt about it. People would have to look at it and acknowledge that that is God and so these miracles I’m going to share with you today, we’re going to talk about these are things that are actually things that happen very very quickly as experienced in the life of the prophet Elisha. The first one is this.

It says in second Kings chapter two verse fifteen, it says, now when the sons of the prophets who were from Jericho saw him, they said the spirit of Elijah rests on Elijah and they came to meet him and bowed to the ground before him. So, this is after he actually crossed back over the Jordan. They saw him and they said the spirit of Elijah is actually now on Elijah. Up until that time, Elisha was merely a servant. Up until that time, Elisha had really done no miracles or anything like he was purely a servant to Elijah.

And then in one moment, one moment when he put on Elisha’s mantle, Elijah’s mantle, everyone looked around him and acknowledged that he is a prophet. The same spirit of God that was on Elijah was on Elijah. It happened straight away. It didn’t happen with the process. It didn’t happen with a big announcement.

One of the miracles that is actually here in this scripture is actually one of supernatural promotion. God can take your life and he can take you from the prison and he can put you in a palace overnight. Just try looking at the life of Joshua, of Joseph. Joseph was someone who was in prison and he was a slave for many many years and then overnight, he was elevated to become the second most powerful man in Egypt. Why? Because we serve a God of supernatural promotion.

Your life doesn’t always have to move in incremental progression. Sometimes, it’s a quantum leap. We look at the life of Jesus. Jesus all of a sudden after he got anointed and he had the water baptised and the Holy Spirit came upon him in the form of a dove. He went out to be in the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights.

When he came back instantly administered and instantly massive amounts of crowds followed him. It wasn’t a progression. It didn’t happen. Uh it didn’t happen over time. It was something that happened suddenly and very very quickly.

I love the story about Reinhard Bonnke. Reinhard Bonnke the famous German evangelist. And he considered himself a failed German missionary to Africa. Until 1 day he felt the Lord tell him that he’s actually he sort of he sort of had a dream and he saw in the dream the map of Africa washed in the blood of Jesus and he felt the holy the holy spirit say Africa might be must be saved and then he started doing his own rallies up until that time he wasn’t a popular preacher people didn’t like hearing him preach. I remember hearing him actually say it in his German accent.

The people used to come up to him and say Reinhart. Why is it you think? Nobody wants to hear you preach. And I said I don’t know. I don’t know why nobody wants to hear me preach but then after they’ve been in obedience to the call of God, he started putting on these rallies and hundreds of thousands of people started coming to them. He eventually had rallies of millions of people and in fact, he would actually have some.

He had a prophecy from an evangelist by the name of Kenneth Copeland who told him that he was going to see one million respond to the altar call in one night and now, many years after, he had a rally. There were tens of millions of people and one million of people responded to that altar call and then, he said, I heard him preach later and he said and then people ask me, Reinhard, why do people want to come and hear you preach? I still don’t know why people want to come and hear me to preach but I just want to let you know that what he has experienced is something that people can experience in their relative field of life that we serve a God of supernatural promotion. He can take you from being a servant to a prophet in 1 hour. He can take you from the prison to the palace overnight. He can do incredible things in your life.

So often in our life. We talk about life being a rat race. We compare ourselves to others. We see how far we’ve gone. I’m here to let you know.

You don’t have to do that. His word is a lamp to your feet and a light to your path. You just live a life of faithfulness, obedience to him, and he can decide when it’s time. To promote you. And people ask how did that happen? And you’ll say, I don’t know.

But God gets all the glory. Amen. We serve a God of supernatural promotion. Some of you better lift up your eyes and see what God’s about to do. Sometimes in those moments when you feel like you’ve missed your moment.

Sometimes in those moments when you feel like you’ve been left behind, we serve a God who’s an accelerator and he can accelerate your life. He has a plan and a purpose for every single life. He hasn’t called you to just sit around enduring, singing in the corner and I saw this. I know I say this all the time. Singing Kumbaya waiting to return but I’m here to let you know that he can take your life to something incredible with it.

Ephesians three ten, we know God’s workmanship was created in Christ Jesus to do good works. He has things for us to do, friends. And he has a plan and a purpose for every single life. And he can promote you quickly. That’s why the Bible talks about running the race set before us.

We live in a society that’s always comparing. Oh look what they’re up to now. Maybe I should be at that level and that sort of thing. No, no, no, we’ve got our own race. And God can do incredible things and you could hit spiritual puberty where you go forward really really quick.

You go really really fast And God can do incredible things. And I know I’m harping on this but I just felt I needed to drive this into someone’s spirit this morning. God has got a supernatural promotion coming for you. That is beyond your expectations. That is beyond your wildest dreams.

He’s able to do exceedingly, abundantly, above all that we can ask or imagine. He did it back then. He can do it again right now. Supernatural promotion. And the king is faithful.

All you gotta do is be faithful. The Bible says, don’t grow weary in doing good. What does that mean? We do. Have you been sick and tired of being sick and tired? Have you ever been sick and tired of doing the right thing? And wondering if it’s ever going to pay off? Well, apparently, it will. Amen.

Because when you’re tired, that’s a good sign. Because your harvest must be close. And some people are here today to keep on being faithful, to keep on being diligent, to keep on being obedient because the word of God tells us that if you do that, you are preparing yourself for the promotion that God has for you. Youth and young people, I want to talk to you. Regardless of what’s happening with the kids around you, regardless of what they’re getting up to, regardless of the things that you’re doing.

Some of you might be feeling a little bit intimidated, some of you might be getting teased by others because of the lifestyle that you have chosen to live in, according to God’s word. Can I tell you that the end you’re going to win. That if you keep being faithful, if you just keep serving him, I’m here to let you know that in twenty, 30 years time, people are going to look at you and they’re going to say, what on earth happened there? I’ve told you the story before about how my school actually had a school reunion 20 years after. Uh and they voted on who ended up in the least likely occupation. Now, I had a mate who was an accountant and a poet.

He was second. Do you want to know who was number one? My least likely occupation but it’s amazing what happens when you make a decision to be faithful, to be obedient, to be consistent, to be diligent because in the end, you’re going to win. Yes. If Elisha did not follow Elijah right up to the very end, he would have missed out on the promotion God had for him. If he had to quit when the others told him to quit, he would have missed out on the promotion that God had for him.

Even when Elisha, Elijah told him to go away. He still hung in there and right to the orient. He actually access the supernatural promotion that God had for his life. Amen. That’s the God that we serve.

The second miracle that you can experience is simple solutions to complex situations. Then the men of the city said to Elisha verses nineteen to twenty-two. Please notice the situation of this city is pleasant as my Lord sees it. But the water is bad and the ground is barren. And he said bring me a new bowl and put salt in it.

So they brought it to him. Then he went out to the source of the water and cast in the salt there and said thus says the Lord. I’ve healed this water. From it there shall be no more death or barrenness. So the water remains healed to this day according to the word of Elisha which he spoke.

So here they’ve come into this city but the problem is this, the water’s no good. You know, you notice many of our cities, they’re built around water, they’re built around rivers, they’re built around the ability to access water and here they are, they’ve come to a place and the water’s bad. I could imagine and take a long time to try and put together a desalination plan. Think about it. You get the government together and say, okay, what are we going to do? The water’s bad.

We’ve got a whole nation of people here right now. What are we going to do about it. Oh well, this is the plan. This is the strategy. That’s complex.

We gotta come up with the resources. We’ve got to come up with a fundraising campaign. We’re going to do all these things in order to make this place habitable for us. Didn’t God call us to come here? I thought God called, let us here. Now, we’ve turned up to this place and the water is back and the water is no good.

How are we actually going to fix this? They made a good call though that before calling in the engineer, they actually called in the prophet. And the prophet said, okay, this is all I want you to do. He says, give me some salt. Elisha. That’s the problem with the water.

More salt is not going to help. I told you this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Why do we get a spiritual leader? We don’t need a spiritual leader for this. We need a businessman to help us with this. Alright.

Where’s Trump? If we get Trump in, we’ll be fine. Keep Fauci out of here. Praise God. And the prophet said, give me some salt. What is salt going to do? Even if it could purify, you need more than a bowl.

Just do. Yeah. What I told you to do. How is this going to work? This makes no sense. Yeah.

Jesus comes up, the guy comes and says, Jesus heals me Grab some dirt. Spitting his oil. What has this got to do with this? How does this help? This you’re making light of this situation. This is not funny. Could you talk to the hollow Fred Hollows Foundation and help them to come and help me or something, please? Help me to get an appointment.

It gets some dirt and some spit. We gotta understand that sometimes when God does things he just asks us for our obedience and doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Just get a bowl of salt, please. So, he gets a bowl of salt and throws it in. It’s all better. Now, that does not make sense.

Don’t, that can’t happen. That’s why it’s called a miracle. All God requires for miracles is our obedience. He just asked you for a bowl of salt. What is this going to do? It’s not going to do anything.

Just do what he says. Yeah. It was a simple solution to a complex problem. Some of us here have some issues in our life. Well, I know I do. How am I going to fix this? How am I going to sort this out? I need this amount of time.

You’ll be amazed at how God can give you a key. Yes. To quickly turn something around. It’s a simple solution to a complex problem. Nothing is too hard from the lord.

Yeah. You’ve heard of the old saying that you can’t unscramble scrambled eggs. I’m here to let you know God can. Yeah. It doesn’t matter how far gone.

Your promise, your dream could be dead and buried but we serve a resurrection God, my friends. And God can turn things around. Simple solutions to complex problems. He purified a bowl of stew. A little bit later on.

In second Kings chapter four. Disputes that they use the wrong herbs. And the stew was poisoned. And he just threw something in there and it made it all better. Simple solutions to complex problems.

A good friend from when he was at high school. He used to have a you know he used to swear all the time. He was a Christian kid but he’s hanging around all these other guys that were swearing all the time and so he couldn’t help it. He was constantly swearing. And so he just was praying and he said Lord how do I stop swinging? I cannot stop swearing.

And he felt God give him a little key to help him stop swearing. And the key was this. Every time you swear your friends were allowed to punch you in the shoulder. So he said to his friends he says guys anytime you hear me swear you can punch me on the shoulder. They said, really? He said, yeah.

So, one time he swore, everyone said, you swore and then they all jumped on him, laid on him, punched him in the shoulder. I don’t know how many times that happened but eventually, he stopped swearing. And he says now, 30 years later, if you talk to any of his friends at that school, they would say, man, we don’t ever remember him swearing. It sounds silly. It sounds stupid.

It sounds like a bowl of salt into polluted water. But he got the result. Simple solutions to complex situations. That is why there are times when you’re in a situation you don’t know what to do. That’s why it’s good to sometimes just wait on the Lord.

If you have a situation that’s not moving, that’s not changing and you don’t know what to do. Sometimes it’s good to just set aside time and wait on the Lord and ask for him to give you a strategy to actually help you take it to make it through and to come out the other side. I remember one time I had a situation where I was a little bit stuck and it had to do with the vehicle and that sort of thing and I remember at the time I was praying. I didn’t know what to do. And as I was praying I just thought the Lord gave me clarity.

There’s all these options and he gave me clarity and he gave me strategy. One of the names of the Lord is actually the Lord of hosts. Ah and the word the Lord of hosts actually means Lord of the Battle Plan. Lord of the Strategy. And in the same way when you’re in a situation when you don’t know what to do.

Lord, I don’t know what to do in this situation. It’s complex. It feels like I don’t know how to fix this. I don’t know how to sort it out. God’s called us to be overcomers.

So that means even some of the things that are holding us back. God actually wants to give you victory. Maybe just set a bit of time and say Lord what do you want me to do? And you’ll be amazed at the answer that he will give you. The third miracle is this. And it’s sudden provision, Sudden provision.

Second Kings chapter four verses one to seven. Says certain women of the wives of the sons of the prophets cried out to Elisha saying, your servant, my husband is dead, and you know that your servant feared the Lord. And the creditor is coming to take my two sons to be his slaves. So Elisha said to her, what shall I do for you? Tell me, what do you have in the house? And she said, your maid servant is nothing in the house but a jar of oil. Then he said, go borrow vessels from all your neighbours, empty vessels.

Do not gather just a few. And when you have come in you shall shut the door behind you and your sons and pour into all those vessels and set aside the full ones. So she went from him and shut the door behind her and her sons who brought the vessels to her and she poured it out. Now it came to pass when the vessels were full that she said to her son to bring me another vessel and he said to her there’s not another vessel so they all ceased. Then she came and told the man of God and said go sell the oil.

Pay your debt. Pay your debt. And your sons shall live on the rest. That’s just a solemn provision. That’s just out of nowhere.

All she had was some empty us. And as she had the empty jars and she started pouring the oil, it actually released the supernatural provision of God. Sudden provision and supernatural provision is something we see very commonly all throughout scripture and actually if you look at the life of Elisha and the miracles that he performed, actually most of his the majority of his miracles had to do with sudden provision. In second Kings chapter three, it talks about him actually seeing a valley of water come up in a dry parched land to provide for people. In second Kings chapter four, we see 100 men without any resources.

In second Kings chapter seven, he released Samaria from famine. Even in the life of Jesus, some of Jesus’s miracles were actually supernatural provisions. He fed 5000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish. He fed another 4, 000 with just some loaves. He got coin.

He got coined to pay his taxes from the fisher’s mouth. We serve a God who can actually provide sudden provision even when you can’t see it coming. God’s name is Jehovah Jireh, the Lord who sees and provides. And he sees your need and is well able to provide for it. Sometimes we don’t see how we’re able to be provided for.

But I believe the Lord is a God who can provide supernatural provision that you don’t even see coming. As I told you before, we are carriers of the presence of God. We’re also carriers of the blessing of God. The Bible tells us in Proverbs the blessing of the Lord attracts wealth and he adds no sorrow to it. So that means God has provision for you.

And I believe this is a word for all of you who are struggling right now. This is a word for all of you who are feeling worried about potential interest rate hikes and that sort of thing. The word of the lord to you is that a thousand may fall on one side, 10, 000 at another. It’s not going to come near you because we serve a God who’s well able to provide. Many of us here, we’ve every year, there’s some kind of bad news out there about the economy.

Every year, there’s a little saying that the sky is falling all the time but we’re still here and we’re doing better than ever and many of you are as well and I’m here to let you know that we serve a God who can provide provision for you even when you can’t see it coming. That’s why our attitude should be one of confidence regardless of the news. Our attitude should be one of confidence regardless of what’s happening around us. Why? Because we serve a God who can provide for us even when we can’t see it. Even though we’ve got some empty jars and a whole lot of bills to pay and we’re about to get evicted.

We serve a God who can provide for it. Overnight and supply for us. And I don’t know who I’m talking to today. But I know that there are some people here and you’re worried and you’re concerned and interest rates are biting and all these things are happening. I’m here to let you know that you serve a God he can provide supernaturally.

You serve a God who can bring provision to you even though you can’t see it. And that’s why as believers we need to be people who have a great level of confidence Regardless of what’s going on around us. Why? Because we serve a God of supernatural provision. Many times we’ve prayed with people and believed God with them for provision. And every time he’s come through.

I know in my own life it’s probably the number one consistent miracle that God has provided for me over the last 25 years. There’s been times when we’ve come to the week and we felt like we didn’t have the money for rent. There’s been times we’ve had bills turn up and we didn’t have the money to pay them. There’s been times when things have happened and we just didn’t feel like we had the resources. And I couldn’t explain to you every single miracle and I couldn’t explain to you how it happened.

But I can stand here and testify to you today 30 years later that the Lord has always provided for me. And I believe the Lord will provide for every single one of us as well. Amen. Because his name is Jehovah Jireh. Lord who sees and provides.

And the number one miracle that Elisha performed after he received that double anointing was supernatural and sudden provision. And the last thing is this. Last thing I want to share today and then I’ll do the rest next week. Last thing is stubborn problems. Stubborn problems.

So in second Kings chapter 4:16 and seventeen. Then he said about this time next year you shall embrace the son. And she said no my Lord man of God. Do not lie to your maid servant. But the woman conceived and bore a son when the appointed time had come of which Elisha had told her.

So this is the story about the prophet Elisha and he actually would go and stay at this place at Shoonum regularly. There was a woman there who didn’t even say her name. And her husband and whenever he’s ministering he would stay at third place. And then they were so blessed by him. That and they said you know what? We’re just here so often.

Why don’t we just set up his own apartment? And so they got together in a department. They put an extension on their house. They put a bed there, table and a chair and then they provided that for him whenever he came. The first time he came and stayed there, he was really blown away by their generosity. It was for his exclusive use, no one else.

And so, when he was there, he turned his servant. His servant was a guy by the name of Gehazi and he said, what can be done for this woman? And she said and he said, well, Gaze, I said, well, she’s unable to have any children and Elisha doesn’t say, oh no, that’s too hard. Is there anything else? He said, okay. He calls a lady before him and he says, this time next year, you’re going to have a baby in your arms. Right at that time, she said to him basically, get away.

Stop saying that. You would have thought she’d be really happy. But she wasn’t really happy. Why? Because she’d waited so long. And it was so disappointing.

She didn’t want to get her hopes up again. You know, God can give you a miracle when you pass your point of despair. You know, God can give you a miracle when you’ve waited a lot longer than what you wanted? For God, a days is a thousand years and a thousand years is as a day and the promises of God inherited through faith and patience and there are times when we have to wait a lot longer than what we want but the Godsome thing is this, that there’s no expiry date on miracles and just because we think it’s too hard for God, I’m here to let you know there’s nothing too hard for God and just because you’ve had to put up with something for a long time does not mean that God can’t produce the miracle and produce the breakthrough Told you the story about friends of mine when I was staying at their place once in Mackay and and as I woke up and I was doing my devotions and I read this passage of scripture that I read to you before. And when I read that passage of scripture it said this time next year there’ll be a baby in your arms. He jumped off the page and I felt the Lord say tell that to this couple.

Now the couple that I was staying with were actually good friends of mine. They’ve been married over 10 years. They’re my age. Had not had any children. Unable to have children, tried everything.

And the Lord said tell them tell this to them. So I actually went out into the lounge room. I brought my luggage with me. And I said, hey, thanks for having me. It’s great hanging out and just one more thing. I was doing my devotions and I kind of sort of felt that maybe in the next 12 months or so you’re going to have a baby in your arms.

They just stared at me. I said see ya. So I left. Didn’t think anything of it. Few months later, I get a phone call.

It’s from the guy. He says, Benny, his name is Steve. I said, okay, Steve O, what’s going on? He goes, you know, you know how you said that within 12 months, we’ll have a baby in our arms. I said, oh, 12 months or so. He said, well, guess what? We’re pregnant.

And the baby is due within 12 months when you gave us that word. Now, they got two kids, amen? Waiting a long time. Beyond your hopes or imaginings. And God can still provide it. Amen? You know as believers there can be a temptation when we get really heartsick okay? See a lot of believers who are heartsick. The Bible says hope deferred makes the heart sick.

And so what can happen when things don’t work out the way we thought they would? Or when things don’t happen in the time frame we thought they would. We get cynical. We get bitter. And we don’t get hopes up anymore. And I just felt the Lord told me to come here today and provoke you a little bit.

And say it’s time to get your hopes up Reedy Creek. Because there’s some kind of transition crossing over. I don’t know what it is. Don’t I’m not resigning. I’m not going anywhere okay.

But there’s some I don’t think. Not just kidding. But there’s something happening in the spirit. Yeah. I’ve heard that before.

Remember we got that prophecy 45 years ago? Remember what happened I’m here to let you know that even if your promise is dead or buried, even if for your whole life, you’ve been a good person, unable to have that child, I’m here to let you know, it’s time to get your hopes up because that’s something that God can do. Stubborn problems, things that have been an issue forever. They’re not a thorn in the flesh. That wasn’t for us. That was for the apostle Paul.

God can produce miracles in your life. That you’ve been waiting a long time for. And thought it was beyond your expectation. Amen? And so believe today, I want to pray with some people who are saying, Ben, I fall in one of those categories. It might be that you need supernatural provision. It might be that you’ve got a problem that is so complex and you don’t know how to fix it.

And maybe the Lord’s going to give you a simple solution. Or maybe you’ve got an issue that’s been there for so long. And you’ve never had a breakthrough. And even as I’ve been preaching God’s been stirring up your heart. We want to pray for you today.

Because the scripture indicates to us that there are some miracles that your God can do. Amen? So, right now, I’m just going to get you to stand on your feet and just close your eyes for a moment. Before I open up the altar If you’re in this place and you don’t have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Being a Christian doesn’t mean your life is perfect and you never have any problems But it does mean you got someone who’s with you and never leaves you. He sticks closer than a brother.

We’re told you before his presence and his spirit can come upon you through Jesus Christ. And so if you have not got a relationship with Jesus Christ but you want to. With every eye closed and every headband. If that’s you this morning, invite you just lift up your hand and say that to me today. I want to give my life to Christ.

I want to have a relationship with God. I want to give my life to Jesus Christ. If that is you, right where you are, just slip up your hand and say that’s me. Secondly, maybe one of those miracles you need. Maybe one of those miracles is something that you’re needing in your life.

Provision, a long-standing issue that needs to change. A complex issue that you don’t know how to fix. If that is you, just slip up your hand and say that’s me today. One of those is a breakthrough for. One of those, I need one one of those miracles Elisha performed.

I want one of them in my life too. Awesome. You can put your hands down. What we’re going to do is this. We’re going to worship God.

But as we do, those of you that put your hand up, I want you to come to the front and the team’s going to pray with you. And we’re going to pray and believe in God. That the miracle you’re needing, God’s going to perform in your life. They’re going to ask you what it is. Is it a stubborn problem? Is it a complex situation? Is it a provision? Whatever it is? And we want to stand in agreement and pray for you and believe in God.

All these people that needed miracles in Elisha’s ministry, they came to the prophet and then they got the miracle. So, I want you to respond by faith and if that’s you, you put your hand up. I want you to come forward and our team’s going to pray with you and we’re going to believe God for you to experience that miracle. Amen.

Ps Ben Naitoko

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