I’m New to Church – What’s Next?

We know how it can feel walking into a church and having no idea what is happening. Why are the crowds saying strange words like ?Hallelujah?? Why are people raising their hands? Why are people taking communion with a small piece of cracker and a small cup of juice? Why do people get baptised? Why are people being prayed for?

Take a look below to discover a little bit about what happens at church!


Each week in our services, we have the opportunity to worship God through music and singing. In the Bible and throughout history, people have wanted to shout out and sing praises to God for the wonderful things He has done. Our desire is the same as the Psalmists who desired to ?Sing the praises of the LORD, you his faithful people; praise his holy name.? We usually sing four or five songs together and encourage people to allow God to touch their hearts. Our worship team desires to lead each person to a place of humble worship of God – a time of praise to the Lord or quiet reflection. You may see people raising their hands during worship ? this is not required by anyone, but some people choose to lift their hands as a posture of gratitude, humility and surrender.


Communion is a celebration for people who have chosen to follow Jesus. Jesus told his followers to to remember him by taking communion – the bread representing His body that was sacrificed on the cross to pay for our sins and acquire our physical and emotional healing and the wine or grape juice representing His blood that was shed on the cross that was the beginning of a new covenant with us ? bringing forgiveness of our sins and abundant life – allowing us to relate to God personally.

Even though we offer communion every weekend, we hope and pray that it never becomes mundane for you, but that we all would continually examine our hearts in preparation before receiving it.


Baptism is a simple illustration of being washed. It is a picture of Jesus’ death and resurrection; a picture of new birth. When a person gives their life to Jesus, baptism is the next step for that person – to publicly confess that they believe the Bible – that Jesus is God and the Saviour. They are saying that they believe that Jesus has completely paid the price for their sins through His death and resurrection on the cross, and they have asked God for forgiveness for their sins, and received Jesus as their personal Saviour (not just the Saviour of the whole world).


We consider the giving of our finance or our skills or our time to God as an act of worship. The apostle Paul, instructed ?Command them to do good, to be rich in good deeds, and to be generous and willing to share? (1 Tim. 6:18). We know that God blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others who are less fortunate than ourselves. As a church, we choose to pool our resources and watch God do amazing things with our collective resources that we could not do individually. The Bible teaches that when we are faithful in giving to God, we experience a freedom and blessing in our lives.

We also collect our ?Connection Cards? during the services. So if it is your first time attending church feel free to fill out the card and put it in the offering basket at the time of offering. We simply want to send you a letter to thank you for visiting us. We would also love to bless you with a free hot beverage of your choice after the service. So on your Connection Card just choose what hot beverage you would prefer and it will be waiting for you in our New Visitors Lounge directly after the service.


Each week, someone will bring a message based on the Bible. Because we believe that it is God’s instruction book for us as human beings, and teaches us how to live and relate with Him and others, we are very keen to teach our church what it says. At Kings we have bi-monthly themes on topics from the Bible that are helpful in our lives – topics like how to have good relationships, success in finances, raising Godly families, enjoying good health, drug proofing our teenagers, overcoming depression, living with positive expectations, winning friends and influencing people and living in a way that pleases God. Our preachers meet together and discuss the theme, scriptures and how to effectively communicate biblical truths and revelation to each person in the church, accounting for their ages and walk in life. Our preaching team are diverse, dynamic and thorough in handling of the Bible ? often moving under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and working in the Gifts of the Spirit.

If you miss any of our messages or need to catch up on the current series, check out our?Podcasts page for message video and audio.


Our Children?s ministry is CLEAN, SAFE & FUN! Our ministry is not simply a? babysitting service as we want to ensure that preparation of your children for life is happening from a young age.

We have 5 different programs for kids at Kings:

Cubbyhouse: Ages 0 – 2
Funhouse: Ages 2 – 4
Treehouse: Age 5 – 7
Lighthouse: Ages 8 – 12
Powerhouse: ?For the teens grade 7-9.

If you are a parent and would like to come join us this weekend, check-in is from 9:00am. Drop your kids off in our Clean, Safe and Fun facilities, then join us in the Barista for a coffee prior to the service.


Weekend Services

Every Sunday we hold multiple services. The purposes of these services are for celebration, inspiration, preparation and salvation. You will experience people worshipping the Lord whole-heartedly, impacting preaching and fantastic programs for the kids. Check out some of the details below for more information.

Lifegroups & Small Groups

Real life change happens in the context of relationships. In the Bible, they worshipped in the temple, but ministry happened house to house.

We provide two different kinds of groups to facilitate genuine relationships in our church, Life Groups and Small Groups. These groups are a place for people to connect and grow.


All of us were created by God with the ability to make a difference in the life of another person. God has a place for you where your unique gift can be used to worship the Lord and your special abilities and passions can touch the lives of others. We believe that your life will never make sense until you find, develop, and fulfil that purpose.